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Top 5 Must Know Facts That Your Tiling Contractor Will Not Tell You

What do you know about tiling works and tiling contractor? 

Tiling the floors and walls is one of the most challenging yet underrated tasks during the renovation process. Most people believe that once the tile has been selected, they’re out of the woods, but only a few know that’s where the actual work beings. If you ask a tiling contractor in Malaysia their expert opinion, they’ll tell you that laying down the tile is a delicate process which requires a lot of careful consideration. So further, we’ll be sharing 5 must-know facts about tiling works you should definitely educate yourself in.

Top 5 Must Know Facts That Your Tiling Contractor Will Not Tell You


1.Proper bonding

The proper ratio of cement, water and mortar is extremely important when mixing the adhesive for the tiles. Any professional tiling contractor can tell you the disaster that can happen if the ratio is off. If the ratio of water is more than recommended, an air-bubble can get stuck in the adhesive. When this air-bubble pops, the tiles begin to shatter and crack, which can lead to an explosion of porcelain and ceramic. Since tiling is an expensive venture, you should always request your tiling contractor to be extra careful when mixing the adhesive.


2. Grouting space

Grouting is the adhesive mixture between your tiles that keeps them in place. Homeowners tend to usually balk at the mention of grouting and ask their professional tiling contractors to keep the grouting as minimal as possible. However, you should note that this is not the recommended protocol.

Top 5 Must Know Facts That Your Tiling Contractor Will Not Tell You

The actual recommended grouting space between two tiles is a minimum of 2mm. If it is any less than that, then the seasonal expansion and contraction of your tiles can lead to the shattering of your floor-works. Tiling service is usually very costly, so you should always make sure to go by the guidelines in order to make your floor and wall tiles as long lasting as possible.


3. Level of the floor

One of the most important thing to consider while preparing to lay down the tiles is the existing condition of your floor. It has to be level and clean for the new tiles to settle properly. Tiles usually tend to stick best onto existing floors that are clean, free of grease spots and other unsavory things. The floor also has to retain certain levels for certain spaces in order to be fully functional.

Any tiling contractor in Malaysia can tell you that the bathroom and kitchen floor surfaces need to have a slight incline in order for proper water disposal through plumbing. So whenever you’re opting for tiling service of your bathroom and kitchen, always make sure that it’s spotless and inclines properly in order to ensure efficient working.

However, there should be no incline to the floor of the living room or dining or bedroom. The floor should be the same level in these areas, so always check that before laying down the actual tiles.


4. The Floor Layout

Usually, when you’re investing in tiling of any kind, it is important to have a predesigned pattern. Tile showrooms and catalogues are a good way to get inspiration for trendy floor designs, but you can definitely ask your professional tiling contractor for their expert advice in the field.

Top 5 Must Know Facts That Your Tiling Contractor Will Not Tell You

A good, stylish pattern can help you set your floors and walls apart from other typical designs, and even make a nice statement in your interior design. Note that many of the custom designed floor patterns need to be cut in bespoke patterns, so they might be expensive. However, if you can afford such services, then your spaces will definitely emulate a very unique and personalized look.


5. Know the materials

Another crucial thing that you must know when selecting the tiles is the actual materials. If you’re looking for long-lasting floors, then full-body porcelain tiles are the best way to go. They’re great for spaces that are going to be experiencing a lot of wear and tear. Ceramic tiles are good for wall cladding while mosaics can look stunning for backsplashes. If you’re worried about the finish or the material, any tiling contractor in Malaysia can guide to the right showroom.

Top 5 Must Know Facts That Your Tiling Contractor Will Not Tell You

As you can see, these are some crucial facts that any homeowner needs to know before laying down their tiles. So if you’re looking for tiling services, always consider these must-know facts before taking action.

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