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8 Rules to Look Out for When Designing Your Dream Wardrobe

Wardrobe design may not be a primary interior design concern, but it is certainly an important one. A dream wardrobe is not only a place to organize and store you clothes, it is also a stronghold of personal artifacts. So designing a wardrobe means designing in a personalized, and certainly customized ways. Wardrobe designing is not a single minded quest – styles and fashion, along with careful methods of organizations need to align with the general dimensions of clothes, shoes and accessories in order for the perfect wardrobe layout. Add in a bit of styling and ambiance, and you get yourself a bit of a challenge. Below, we will be looking at 8 rules to look out for while designing your dream wardrobe.

1. Know your dream wardrobe style

A wardrobe is usually designed in several fashions, depending on the style that is trending. Most contemporary style homes boast a small dressing alcove with a closed of wardrobe, while some even have large walk-in closers. Before you start the design process, you should know what style of a wardrobe would fit in with the overall interior of your room, and then design accordingly. There are many styles that can be applied to a wardrobe design, but all must conform to the overall ambiance of your preexisting interior.

Designing Your Dream Wardrobe
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2. To walk-in or not

Walk-in closets seem to be a hot trend across the contemporary interior market. Usually designed for homes where there are lesser space constraints, a walk in closet generally has all of its three sides designed to hold organized wardrobe paraphernalia with circulation space in the middle. This kind of a wardrobe design requires a little design finesse and an accountability for the style of the user. The racks would be designed according to the clothing/accessory article preference of the user’s choice, of course.

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3. General layout of designing wardrobes

A simple wardrobe is a niche in the wall that has an organized number of racks for clothing and other articles. The walk-in closet is designed on similar principle; just with more space for clothes and much more leeway for creative designing. The rules of wardrobe designing are flexible, and more often than not, you can also fit in a small dresser with looking mirror in the general layout as well.

Designing Your Dream Wardrobe
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4. Additional accessorizing

A typical wardrobe design always has specially designed racks for shoes, jewelry and other accessories hidden within the usual clothing racks. Sometimes they’re visible, other times they’re not. It all depends on the taste of the user. If you want to boast an admirable shoe collection, then the shoe rack of your wardrobe can be a design element. However, if a monochromatic wardrobe choice is the best part of your collection, then go for it!

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5. Wardrobe design and full length mirrors

A full-length feature mirror can be the actual face of your wardrobe instead of being an entirely separate entity. Not only does it enhance the visual quality of the space, it can become an organic part of your room interior without seeming too contrived. Looking mirrors also have the added bonus of reflecting the other side of the space, which creates the visual mirage of a bigger, more spacious room.

Designing Your Dream Wardrobe
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6. Compact wardrobe design

If you like hoarding stuff in your wardrobe, then it would be good to have it designed in a compact fashion. A good wardrobe design is compact by design already. It helps organize a lot of stuff in a small space without having it become a hodgepodge of singularity. A compact wardrobe design is a wise choice, as it allows more leeway for coordinated arrangement of all articles.

Designing Your Dream Wardrobe
Image source: just interior ideas

7. His-&-Her’s wardrobe design trends

This wardrobe design is always a couple favorite. Not only does it keep all articles of clothing and accessories spate by gender, the design can also be dichotomous. While the male side of the wardrobe is designed in a more masculine style, the female side can be a bit more generous in design.

Designing Your Dream Wardrobe
Image source: Racked NY

8. Fashionista trends

All fashionistas dream of a beautiful wardrobe brimming with the latest styles of clothing and a trendy interior they can spend hours comfortably in. This kind of a wardrobe design is mostly a walk-in, with an emphasis on a creative design flair. The racks are doubles, and there is always a centerpiece. More often than not, a small feature lighting fixture that can make the overall ambiance of the interior seem grand.

Designing Your Dream Wardrobe
Image source: devote

There are many ways you can add personal flairs to a wardrobe design, many of which pertain to careful interior design and customization. We hope this article gives you some new ideas about how to approach the tricky task of designing the perfect wardrobe.


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