Why do you need Pre-Renovation Consultation?

Most people have no clue on what to do when it comes to home renovation, especially newlyweds that are about getting their first family home. The renovation process can be very tedious and tiring due to its complex nature. To make your life easier, these are the things that can be very helpful before your renovation begins! 

General Guide

 Stage 1 - Planning & Design

Stage 2 - Contract Awarding

Stage 3 - Renovation Period

Stage 4 - Inspection & Taking-over


A complimentary renovation journey guidebook will be given after the session! Grab it now!

So how does it work?

1. Get Free Pre-Renovation Consultation

We care about the service we give to our customers, most of all we care about the quality of our service providers. Simply send us your sign up form for Complimentary Pre-renovation Consultation and we will get contact with you for the arrangement. We will guide you through about all the things that you have to know before your renovation begins!



2. Get Free Quotations from www.RenoEasi.com

Search your favourite local home Interior Designers and Renovators from our website. Get some ideas and inspirations from their company profile and project references. It's easy to request a free quotation from our Interior Designers and Renovators.



3. Kickstart Your Renovation Journey

Get matched with our Interior Designers and Renovators. After you've selected your preferred Interior Designer or Renovator, you may award the project to them and kickstart your renovation journey.




To sign up, please fill up the form here. Our team will arrange a meeting with you on the complimentary 1-on-1 pre-renovation consultation. 


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