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Do It Yourself vs. Interior Designer: Which Should You Pick?

When it comes to remodeling your home, there are a number of things to be considered; most important of which is whether you should launch an individual DIY venture or hire an actual interior designer. You might not have a budget to hire a professional, or you might even think that you’re more capable, but it is important to know all the pros and cons of each before you make the final decision. You might think that hiring a professional is a waste but what if they can get you a bang for your buck? Or what if they end up helping you avoid a costly mistake? Making an informed decision is an important part of this process, so let’s see how you can weigh the benefits of hiring a professional below.

(1) Undertaking the Budget

You might feel like if you carry out the remodel yourself, you’ll have full control of the budget. But you have to know that veteran pros like interior designers know the limit of your budgets and how to source everything within the design in reasonable budget constraints. You, on the other hand might unknowingly splurge on things that might end up being out of context and unnecessary in the first place.

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(2)Understanding Your Vision vs. Execution

The picture in your head is your personal mood board. You can explain it to the designer again and again but still come short. It might feel like the designer does not understand what you have envisioned for your home, but trust that their practiced instincts will definitely lead to better execution. If you take on a DIY remodel, your rookie techniques and detailed explanations might end up in sloppier results when it comes to the actual execution of the design in your head.

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(3) Searching Credible Professional vs. Trusting the Designer

A professional interior designer has a contact list chock full of credible contacts. These professionals are tried and true and will deliver the best results. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll have to go through the headache of finding credible sources, doing background checks to make sure you’re not being conned and put your trust in literally the hands of a stranger.

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(4) Satisfaction vs. Legwork

Doing everything on your own might give you the satisfaction of completing the job on your own, but understand that there is a lot of legwork involves in the execution of a successful remodel. On the other hand, you could hand over all of these duties to the interior designer; they will do the legwork for you, while you supervise and observe the proceedings from a casual distance.

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(5) Timeline vs. Communication

When you set up a budget for your remodel, it means you’ve determined a timeline. A remodel can be a messy and expensive venture without a timeline – you have to add in the cost of labor and materials in your budget and create estimates based on the Bill of Quantities. An interior designer, on the other hand, is well aware of this hassle, has professional experience handling these matters and will communicate your vision and set-backs with the contractor accordingly.

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(6) Expert Vision vs. Rookie Luck

Beginners luck will only carry you so far. When you tear down the interior of your home for a remodel, you’re basically making a metaphorical surgical incision. You will know what you want, but your communication with the contractor will lack because you don’t understand the nuances of professional blueprints. An interior designer understands these matters and will carry your remodel with expert vision and sympathetic understanding.

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(7) Knowledge vs. Ease

An interior designer has in-depth knowledge of color palates, contemporary materials, the latest trends and spatial layouts. You will have to conduct an extensive research on all of these aspects before you launch a DIY remolding venture. A professional interior designer can ensure your ease of mind without compromising your preferred aesthetic; even when it is intangible and abstract.

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Now that you know all the aspects that work best and worst if you hire an interior designer you will make a more informed decision about how to carry out the remodel. You have to know the worth of your project and vision before rashly jumping to conclusions.