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Renovation Cost that Your Renovation Contractors Will Not Tell You in Malaysia

Renovation Cost that Your Renovation Contractors Will Not Tell You in Malaysia

If you are going to start your renovation works for your residential or commercial need, this is a must read article before your renovation begins. We have compiled a comprehensive renovation breakdown cost that your renovation contractors in Malaysia will not tell you. Believe it or not, this will gives you a better understanding on your renovation costing and better control over your renovation budget.

Let’s take a look on the breakdown costs of each trade:-


1) How much does it cost for hacking works?


For most of the renovation works, it involves hacking works. Literally, it means tearing down and removing the existing structure or finishes for a new design. It is a very labour intensive works that involves a lot of breaking and knockings.

It can be also very restricted when it comes to hacking in high rise buildings like condominium tower or office tower. Please be mindful of the structural elements of the existing building before you start your hacking works. Always check with a qualified structural engineer or your renovation contractors should there be any hacking works onto the structural elements like column, beam and slab.

In general, the hacking cost is about RM20.00 per square feet in Malaysia.

Let me give you a simple example, if you are going to hack off the living hall floor tiles as shown in the above photo (assuming the area is about  20 feet x  15 feet). Your hacking cost would be about RM6,000.00 (300 square feet x RM20/per square feet).


2) How much does it cost for tiling works?


Tiles have been commonly used as the surface finishes in most of the renovation works. There are many types of tiles installation the market, the most commonly used type are ceramic, granite, marble and mosaic. Normally, your renovation contractors will not give you a fixed price for the tiling works as it mainly depends on the time spent for the installation works.

Over here, we only compile the labour cost for the tiling works. The material cost can be very costly if it is high end tiles, imported from Italy.

In general, the labour cost for tiling works are as follows:-

Ceramic tiles   : RM6 – RM12 per square feet

Marble tiles     : RM8 – RM16 per square feet


3) How much does it cost for carpentry works?


From your kitchen cabinet to your bedroom wardrobe, carpentry works can be very costly and it may take up the biggest portion in your renovation cost. Good renovation contractors will give you the best advice the on selection of woods type, accessories as well as the cost per foot run.

In general, the labour cost for carpentry works are as follows:-

TV Console                       : RM150 – RM300 per foot run

Shoes Cabinet                  : RM300 – RM500 per foot run

Kitchen Countertop         : RM150 – RM450 per foot run

Kitchen Cabinet               : RM150 – RM350 per foot run

Bed Frame                        : RM1500 – RM3000 per set

Wardrobe                         : RM350 – RM600 per foot run

Side Table                         : RM300 – RM500 per foot run

In most of the cases, the prices are inclusive of the accessories. If you are looking for a 6 foot long kitchen cabinet together with countertop, it will cost you about RM4,800.00. The simple calculation can be derived as such: (RM450 x 6 foot) + (RM350 x 6 foot) = RM4,800.00


4) How much does it cost for plumbing works?


If you are moving in to a new house or office, you will definitely need to hire a plumber for the plumbing and sanitary works. The cost of the sanity products are varied based on the brand, type and size. Thus, we only compile the labour cost for the installation of sanitary. The list below will help you to estimate the cost for your plumbing and sanitary works.

In general, the labour cost for plumbing works are as follows:-

Water Tab             : RM50 – RM100

Water Heater       : RM200 – RM300

Basin                      : RM100 – RM200

Pedestal WC         : RM100 – RM300

Squad WC              : RM100 – RM200


5) How much does it cost for electrical works?


Electrical works is a must in a renovation works as it gives “light” to the whole interior design. The electrical works in renovation works mainly refer to power points and wiring. Over here, we only compile the labour cost for the electrical works.

In general, the labour cost for electrical works are as follows:-

Lighting point              : RM50 – RM150 (per point)

Telephone point          : RM100 – RM150 (per point) 


Renovation Cost 2018 – Your Renovation Contractors and Interior Designers Will Not Tell You in Malaysia


With the help of this articles, your will be able to make a rough estimation on your renovation cost. If you are looking for best reviewed renovation contractors and interior designers in Malaysia. Please click here to get free quotes and non-obligatory site visits.