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Renovation Tips – How to Make Your Renovation Easy?

Most people have no clue on what to do when it comes to home renovation, especially newlyweds that are about getting their first family home. The renovation process can be very tedious and tiring due to its complex nature. To make your life easier, these are the things that can be very helpful before your renovation begins! 

Step 1: Identifying Your Need


This very first and IMPORTANT step is to identify the scope of your renovation!

This will subsequently dictate the cost and time of your renovation. For example, some of newly built houses are fully furnished when they are handed over to the buyer, therefore it is not necessary to have a major renovation unless you don’t like it. Instead, you may, however, consider having minor renovation to particular areas like bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom and so on to improve on the existing design.

Renovation Tips - How to Make Your Renovation Easy

Scope of Work

  • List out all the scope of works and its areas.
  • List out all the specific materials required, if any.
  • Set a budget for the works.
  • Set a target completion date for the works.

Step 2: Hiring The Right Renovator


With a clear mind to your scope of work, budget and targeted completion date, it is time to look for a contractor to take up the task.

Firstly, narrow down the scope of your search.

You have to understand the differences between Interior Design, Renovation Contractors and Specialty Contractors and their job natures. For instance, in the event that you want to revamp the whole house by remodeling, Interior Design and Renovation Contractors will be the suitable one. However, if you only intend to have some replacement/ improvement to particular trades like, tiling, doors and windows, carpentry works and so on, specialty contractor will be the one you should be looking for.

Secondly, always look for reputable and established companies that have done similar jobs. You can do that by reviewing their past completed projects as well as the feedbacks and reviews from their past client. 

Renovation Tips - How to Make Your Renovation Easy

Here are some tips to help you select the right person for your home transformation:

   a. Price

Always seek for breakdown of prices for the renovations works for the ease of budgeting. Should there be any addition or omission of works, you’ll know immediately. Always review the contract agreement carefully to prevent any hidden costs, it is good to seek clarification if there is any ambiguous term and condition in the contract agreement to prevent any dispute in future.

   b. Workmanship

Always ask for reference for their past completed projects or on-going projects. You may consider to hold up a certain percentage of the contract sum if you find any poor workmanship during the renovation, and only release the remaining sum after all the defects are rectified.

   c. Quality of materials 

Always seek clarification of the materials used in your renovation works to prevent any substandard materials being used throughout the renovation period. You can ask for delivery order of the materials for your record purpose.

Step 3: Taking Over

Renovation Tips - How to Make Your Renovation Easy

This is the most exciting part of the whole renovation process! But to most cases, due to the reason like poor workmanship and defects, taking over is not the final step of the whole renovation process.

The workmanship of the renovation works is another big topic to be discussed about.

However, we can simplify it into followings:

  a. Functionality of the works

This is the most essential criteria in assessing the workmanship of the renovation works. The completed works should be functional, secure and safe to use. For examples, a door shall be securely installed to prevent any break in; a window shall be properly installed to ensure water tightness and air tightness.

  b. Durability of the works

The completed works should withstand wear and tear for a period of time. Always seek for warranty for the completed works like waterproofing, painting and etc. that is guaranteed by the relevant specialist. That is also a part of the reason why it is so important to look into the materials used in the renovations works.

  c. Aesthetic of the works   

This is a very subjective aspect however it can be established in a very objective ways. A lot of defects can be discovered by checking their finishing, condition of accessories, alignment and evenness, joints and gaps and so on. For example, defects like scratches on the cabinet, stains on floor, peeling off of the paint can be easily detected during your visual inspection.

“The decision to renovate is big undertaking, but it should be a rewarding experience. Even though it may seem to be very complex, but as long as you are aware of all the aspects mentioned above, things will turn out to be much easier.  After all, the final outcome of a renovation process should be worthwhile.”